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Driving School IS

We have created Register of Driving School software “AutoReg”, which is meant for automation and simplification of driving schools’ work.

About software in greater detail

MS Excel or MS Word operating environment is being used in many driving schools for saving students’ data and when needed to print out their invoices, certificates, and to compile tests. Software AutoReg mainly allows you to save time and to make your work much more simple by saving all the information into one database. Later on you can print out at any time all the needed documents, results of tests, and to compile reports. The most important fact we consider to be reports block concerning multifunctional use, which is imperative for everyday work of driving schools and for submission to the Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre after certain periods.

AutoReg may be ordered to oneself either Web based or application of customer server. Software developed for driving schools has been written in Delphi and PHP. MS Access has been used as motor of the database. An extract from AutoReg may be obtained into Word and Excel.

With AutoReg You can:

  • To save data (name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, registry code, licence, period of validity of the licence, name of the driver) of the driving school;
  • To save data of the group (number of the group, date of beginning, date of termination, exam of the Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre, etc.);
  • To save data of students (personal identification code, surname, first name, date of birth, place in short [e.g. EST], town / county, village / street, building – flat, data of the document and other necessary information);
  • To find and change quickly data of the respective student;
  • To save data of the instructor (personal identification code, first name, surname, area of specialisation, number of certificate, number of sole proprietor, number of the agreement, date of beginning and termination of the agreement, salary);
  • etc.

AutoReg programm allows making the following extracts.

  • Registration form of the student;
  • Register of issuing study cards of the driving school;
  • Register of issuing first aid certificate;
  • Register of issuing driving school’s certificate;
  • Minutes of driving school’s exams;
  • Study diary of the driving school (Study diary contains data regarding the group [staff of the group and personal data of the student], report of theory and driving instructions);
  • Student’s application to the Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre;
  • Student’s tuition fee revenue voucher;
  • Certificate of driver of motor vehicle training course;
  • Study card of the student;
  • Voucher of the instructor’s fee;
  • etc.


AutoReg is software which is very easy to use and which helps to manage documents’ of the driving school and helps considerably your work by compiling all reports, extracts and other important documents set forth by the law.

At the same time we give our guarantee to the software and ensure constant development and maintenance to AutoReg in order to bring it into conformity with the law.

Up to today Software of AutoReg has found its first satisfied customers.

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