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Dynedit CMS
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Dynedit CMS

Dynedit is a Content Management suite, which runs on any platform that supports Apache, MySQL and PHP. Dynedit is designed to handle the largest of websites with all content pages being dynamically generated from a MySQL database.

Dynedit is the engine behind your website designed to simplify the creation of content. The look and feel of a Dynedit site is defined in the template and all your content, menus and navigation tools are displayed according to the rules of the template.

List of basics Dynedit CMS functions and features:

User Interface

  • 100% web-based - no need for client applications.
  • Administrator environment - special interface for site administrating purposes.
  • WYSIWYG editor - you can edit your pages with Microsoft Wordô like editor where you can manage texts, images, animations, links, tables and more;

Site development

  • Templates - the user interface of the web site is based on design templates, which consist of regular HTML-code and specials tags.
  • Style management - Web-based management of CSS-styles, font styles etc.
  • Site properties - set up web site title and meta-information and many other settings.

Content management

  • Staging - draft your content before publishing it on the web.
  • Archiving - archiving news, press releases etc.
  • Scheduled publishing - publish articles or whole sections on predefined dates.
  • Metadata - write metadata for every content

Content objects

  • Articles - universal content objects which may contain texts, pictures, multimedia, tables, hyperlinks, files, scripts.
  • Pictures - upload your pictures to the image gallery.
  • Comments - web siteís visitors can comment every picture.

User management

  • Editors and administrators - unlimited number of editors and administrators with different access rights.
  • Registered web site visitors - visitors can register on the web site or be registered by the administrator. Registered visitors may have different access rights.


  • Search - simple full-text search with all logical operators.
  • Add-on blocks - a site editor can easily add polls, article lists, link collections, banners etc.
  • Feedback forms - a site editor can create any type of feedback forms, which sends results to given e-mail address.
  • News - adding, modifying, erasing news is easy;
  • Latest news - you can create a news panel on your page that will show the n latest news;
  • News flash - you can create short news for information and show random item on webpage.
  • Weblinks - adding, modifying, erasing links.
  • Image gallery - you can create unlimited pictures albums including pictures names and descriptions. Also you can add pages showing your selection of created albums.
  • Banners - adding a banner to your site is easy. Choose an image and enter the address - you can also choose a page from your own site.
  • Media manager - you can create links to any files to your pages - just upload by selecting them from your computer.
  • Linking menu - you can make an link in your sites dynamic menu to direct to any other Internet address.
  • Graphical statistics - the traffic of your site graphically.
  • IP statistics - show visitors IP address.
  • IP blocker - allow adminitrator to block some of IPs.
  • Page statistics top - you can see what pages on your site are most popular.
  • Web shop - very effective web shop which contains: categories, currency, shop items, order administration and archivation, etc.
  • Latest product
  • Visitors counter
  • Dynamic polls
  • and much more


  • Multilingual web sites - translate the whole site to any language.
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