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Web development

Traditional best-in-class software had to be reliable and easy to use. That meant a stable data design, network capability, an intuitive user interface, and good support & documentation.

If the software was a commercial product, it would get shrink wrapped in a glossy box to look good on the shelf. The look of the product was mainly functional.     

The web environment demands more than ease of use and reliability. Content, context, and reliable performance become equally critical. There are many other players in the market, but few understand the "whole product" requirement.

Many marketing and ad agencies produce great looking web pages that are completely non-interactive, or hobbled by poor system design and performance. In contrast, there are many technology shops that understand systems, but have no sense for esthetics or marketing.

Webteam has the talent to deliver the "whole product". We can take your company from design to end product. We can help you determine what you really want out of a web solution, organize it, develop it, present it, and maintain it.

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